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ext2 Advice

On Thursday 07 November 2002 02:32 pm, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> And the drive is better isolated from the PC power supply (but not toally).
> It's not fry proof.
> On 7 Nov 2002 at 13:45, Warren E. Agin wrote:
> > I installed an external hard drive - and back up all the photos and other
> > key data on a regular basis. Why external? So if there is a fire you can
> > grab it going out the door.

I'm currently working on a scheme to use my X10 automation stuff to turn on an 
external drive before a backup, and turn it off afterwards.  That would 
provide much greater protection.

The larger problem is that the USB port is USB 1.1, so it is incredibly slow.  
Firewire would be best.  External SCSI wouldn't be bad, but there's less 
isolation there than with a serial protocol.  Might be worth it anyway for 
the extra speed.

AFAIK, USB 2.0 is still quite primitive.  I think USB hard drives are 
supported though.  480MB/s is nice!
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