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ext2 Advice

At 03:14 PM 11/7/02 -0500, David Kramer wrote:

>I'm currently working on a scheme to use my X10 automation stuff to turn 
>on an
>external drive before a backup, and turn it off afterwards.  That would
>provide much greater protection.

It definitely has a great coolness factor. :-)

>The larger problem is that the USB port is USB 1.1, so it is incredibly 
>Firewire would be best.  External SCSI wouldn't be bad, but there's less
>isolation there than with a serial protocol.  Might be worth it anyway for
>the extra speed.

How well is Firewire supported under Linux? Many mac folks have an external 
firewire drive and swear by them. The speed is excellent at 400mb/sec. (Is 
that mega bits or bytes anyway?) And unlike USB 2.0, you can actually get 
close to the theoretical limit with firewire. From what I have read, USB 
just has too much protocol overhead.


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you'd better not start writing it."  -Edsger Dijkstra
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