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ATTBI just changed DNS servers

dsr writes:
| Compared to a random nameserver, will win, on average. Genuity
| runs it via an RFC1546 multiple advertisement hack.

Probably true.  But you can do a  lot  better  if  you  use
non-random nameservers.

The problem is finding them.  I've  never  found  a  better
approach  than asking friends and then testing the response
times.   It  seems  like  there  should   be   a   way   to
systematically   search   your   network  neighborhood  for
nameservers and pick a few that work well.

Saying  "Use"  may  be  a  good  answer  to  "What
nameserver  can  I  use?", but it's not an answer at all to
the question "How do I find a good nameserver from here?"

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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