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ATTBI just changed DNS servers

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> Probably true.  But you can do a  lot  better  if  you  use
> non-random nameservers.
> The problem is finding them.  I've  never  found  a  better
> approach  than asking friends and then testing the response
> times.   It  seems  like  there  should   be   a   way   to
> systematically   search   your   network  neighborhood  for
> nameservers and pick a few that work well.

The thng about nameservers is that *everything* depends heavily 
on them. The nameservers are the biggest factor affecting your 
perceived response time for every interactive use you make of the 

Even if the external server you choose is highly responsive, the 
latency of the DNS lookup going out through your cable or dsl modem
(or worse, your 56K dialup modem) is a bottleneck. While I can't speak
for everyone, I find the latency very noticeable, especially for 
web access.

Running a nameserver internally gives you much better perceived 
response time. There's no real maintenance involved, either, 
once it's set up. I've had mine running for about a year and a 
half, and the only times I've had to touch it were to add new 
machines to my local domain or new zones to mask banner-ad domains.

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