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Compiling Kernel

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Kent Borg <kentborg at> writes:

> I am running a Red Hat 7.3 box and trying to build and boot from
> 2.4.19 source I get from
> Can anyone give me a recipe for how to do this (including matching
> lilo.conf details)?

Last time I had to rebuild a kernel, on Redhat 7.1, I pulled the sources 
from, untarred them in my home directory, and did something 
like the following:

    make xconfig

    <click the Load Config button>
    <select /usr/src/linux-*/configs/kernel-*-athlon.config>
    <poke thru xconfig gui to add firewire support>
    <click the Save Config button>

    make clean
    make dep
    sudo make rpm

This built a set of kernel rpms that appeared in


which I then installed.

The point of loading the existing config file was so the new kernel 
would start with the same configuration as the kernel that Redhat 
had distributed. That way I could be confident it would boot properly, 
and I could make my modifications from a known good state.

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