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Looking for a job ?

On, sethg said recently:

>My headhunter suggested that I mark my (et al) resumes
>as "confidential" instead of making them freely readable by everyone,
>because then anyone who wants to contact me will have to go through the
>site as an intermediary, and if the headhunter proposes me to some
>company for a job, they can't screw her by turning her down, looking up
>my resume on line, and contacting me directly.

I agree with this statement. I had 3 significant experiences where I
attempted to apply for a desirable position that I was targeting,
and felt that an Employee Referral carried somwe weight so
I attempted to go the  "Employee Referral Program" route.

One contact for a prestigious leading edge company in Chelmsford, said: yes,
I'll input your Resume into my company, as an Employee Referral.
Then, a few days later I queried him and said "What's happening?"
And my friend said: Oh, they are considering you for the position
but they will not pay me a Referral Fee. So, obviously, I said "Why not?"
He said: "Because Human Resources said that they pulled your Resume
down from the Monster Board.

On an other occasion, I contacted a friend at a large Software Lab on
Spitbrook Road, Nashua NH. I asked him if anything (open positions)
was active at Spitbrook?
He said, "gosh there are something's coming open in a week or two."
He also said: "I talked to a Manager that I know, and he said that the paper
(the req's. ) are in the signature process.
So he said: "send me a Resume and I'll put you in for these positions via
Employee Referral Program".

Then, a few days later, I sent my friend an Email, and said: "what's
And he answered by saying that "Human Resources already has your Resume,
they pulled it down from the Monster Board."

 So obviously there would be no Employee Referral Fee payment,
assuming of course,  that I qualified for the position or "got hired" ...

Based on a sample of 3, I feel that someone used this
as an advantage to "not" pay a Referral Bonus ...
Whether this was Company policy or was based on the
activities of some "Yuppie MBA type, in Human Resources"
I don't know.

But I would not post another "open Resume" on a place like Monster Board or
 Boston, in the future.


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