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further random questions from the newly-unemployed

>> Well, I'd think that the real problem is:  If 
>> they want MS Word format, that implies that 
>> they're pretty much a total MS shop. If they 
>> really used other systems, they'd be aware
>> of the problems with Word docs.  

It means that Human Resources doesn't use other systems.  That's only a problem if you're applying for a job with HR.

>> So unless you're a Windows hacker, you'd probably 
>> be a minor player with no connection to 
>> management.

I've usually found that the technical skill set is less important than learning a bit of their skill set.  Learn to talk about ROI and cost-justification and they usually listen.

Most big shops, even those which use mostly Windows, have more than one UNIX boxes (and sometimes some big iron) plugging away to do the heavy lifting.

>> ... you'd be one of the first to be fired when 
>> there's a reorg.

I doubt that.  Think about it; if you depend on that UNIX box in the back room, are you going to fire the only guy who knows how it works?
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