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OT: resume formats

I fear we have reached the point in this thread where we are all in our 
trenches and nobody is going to change their minds.  I suggest we all wave 
our white SIGTERM flags and agree to disagree.

I, for one, have found OpenOffice 1.01 far from a flawless product, but 
documents that it saves as Word do in fact work perfectly in Word (yes, I 
tested several versions) and look as I intended them to.  I now have one less 
reason to turn on my Windows box (really the only one left is video editing).

The vast majority of job ads I see request MSWord attachments when they 
express a preference at all.  That's enough for me.  My cover letter will 
remain in text format, which could be read by any MUA, or even the cat 

If others, even those who state they are hiring managers, disagree with this, 
that's their right.  But it sounds like their ideology is getting in the way 
of reality, and some of these posts are positively RMS-like in their 
insistence on bending the universe to their preference.

I'm signing off this thread.  Have fun.

PS- Just arranged two interviews today, and one of the resumes was sent out 
just last night.  Hoping to "nice -20" the process.
DDDD   David Kramer                 
DKK D  "Remember folks - Traffic lights timed for 35 mph
DK KD  are also timed for 70 mph."
DDDD                                                    Jim Samuels 

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