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An unusual dns question

OK, I found it but I don't think it's your problem. In the registry:
You can set how Windows prefixes URLs that appear to be incomplete. If you
have an entry for "list" or "listman" AND it worked in BOTH IE and NS, this
might be your answer. If it only works in NS, I don't know the answer. There
may also be some other AutoScan setting that I'm missing.
Grant M.

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> Bill Horne
> Sent: Monday, November 18, 2002 12:13 PM
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> Subject: An unusual dns question
> Thanks for reading this. I've got an unusual question about dns.
> On my RH 7.3 box, if I use Netscape and enter
>, the browser
> stalls and finally times out. I can see the dns query going out and
> being answered, and then a series of connect attempts to port 80, with
> no answers from
> On Windows 95, if I use Netscape and enter the same URL, I see the dns
> query going out and being answered, and then a connect attempt AND
> ANSWER to PORT 443! The page comes up ok, albeit as https instead of http.
> If I enter https instead of http on the Redhat box, it also renders the
> page correctly.
> The question: how did the windows version of netscape know it should
> attempt port 443? There were NO attempts on port 80 before the port 443
> traffic, so I assume that the dns query provided the information somehow.
> Please tell me if that makes sense, or supply any other information
> you can. Thanks in advance.
> Bill
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> Bill Horne
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