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An unusual dns question

This makes sense since 443 is the port that https traffic travels on.

As to why Windows knows to try that first whereas Linux just fails, I 
couldn't say. Although on my 7.3 box it also works when you insert 
"https://"; instead of "http://";.... My guess would be that since the 
page lets you create an account and pick a password they've rather 
intelligently decided it should be encrypted.


Wizard wrote:
> Win2k fails to connect using Netscape OR IE, but does connect when using the
> https prefix. NS 6.2 responds with "The connection was refused...", whereas
> NS 3 responds that there was "no response". IE just times out with "page
> cannot be displayed". I can't explain why NS on Win95 connects, although it
> seems to me that I remember a setting somewhere that auto-completes the
> prefixes on URLs that do not respond or maybe don't have a DNS entry.
> Grant M.
> "Bill Horne" <bill at> writes:
>>Thanks for reading this. I've got an unusual question about dns.
>>On my RH 7.3 box, if I use Netscape and enter
>>, the browser
>>stalls and finally times out. I can see the dns query going out and
>>being answered, and then a series of connect attempts to port 80, with
>>no answers from
>>On Windows 95, if I use Netscape and enter the same URL, I see the dns
>>query going out and being answered, and then a connect attempt AND
>>ANSWER to PORT 443! The page comes up ok, albeit as https instead of http.
>>If I enter https instead of http on the Redhat box, it also renders the
>>page correctly.
>>The question: how did the windows version of netscape know it should
>>attempt port 443? There were NO attempts on port 80 before the port 443
>>traffic, so I assume that the dns query provided the information somehow.
>>Please tell me if that makes sense, or supply any other information
>>you can. Thanks in advance.
>>Bill Horne
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