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further random questions from the newly-unemployed

On Saturday 16 November 2002 02:29 pm, Jim Long wrote:
> Subject: further random questions from the newly-unemployed
> Seth asked:
> "(1) When I'm applying for a job through a Web
> form, and the form has a TEXTAREA field for
> typing in a cover letter, what's the appropriate
> style for the letter?"
> I have found that emailing a cover letter with
> an attached resume works better than applying
> on-line.

Certainly that's better, but you don't always have that option.  Sometimes 
they make you apply on the web form.

> The style that got the most response
> for me was something they call at T-style (I
> think) where you take the list of qualifications
> or requirements and you answer how you meet or
> exceed each one of them. I have been taking the

Do you go to classes at The Career Place?  They teach that format there.  I've 
adapted it slightly for my needs, but it does seem to be more effective.

 risk of sending HTML formatted cover letters
> instead of plain text so that I can indent and
> bold my answers to set them apart from the
> requirements. Since I have been doing this, the
> number of responses and the number of interviews
> has increased greatly.

I would NEVER send HTML formatted emails, for a job or any other reason.  I 
adapted the T format to a bullet list (using a dash as bullets) with 
space-indented answers to each qualification bullet.  I am guaranteed of it 
looking pretty much the same whether the recipient is using Outlook or rmail.

> Unfortunately I still haven't landed a job. I am
> a network administrator with over 20 networking
> certifications including MCSE, CCNA, and SCSA
> for Solaris 8.

I see quite a few jobs for Network Engineers.  Send me your resume and when I 
hit something appropriate, I'll forward it to you.  I already do that for 

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