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further random questions from the newly-unemployed

David said:
> I would NEVER send HTML formatted emails, for a job or
> any other reason.  I adapted the T format to a bullet
> list (using a dash as bullets) with space-indented
> answers to each qualification bullet.  I am guaranteed
> of it looking pretty much the same whether the recipient
> is using Outlook or rmail.

  One of the dangers of text format email is that long
  lines get broken in different places by different email
  servers or programs resulting in alternating long and
  short lines -- unless you preformat the text with short
  enough lines that no email server will break it into
  shorter lines. (I don't really understand WHY that
  happens.) So, my question is what is a safe longest line
  length to use? In this email I am trying a length of 60
  characters, indented. If an indented paragraph were too
  long it would really be a mess after the lines got

  Every time I send text email I pre-format it using
  macros in gvim (VI Improved on Windows). The J key is
  used to join lines, so I thought the ctrl-J would be a
  natural for breaking them. Since autoindent is on by
  default in gvim if the first line of a paragraph is
  indented each following line will indent too. I just
  added a macro for the ctrl-K key to add "> " to the
  beginings of lines of text I am replying to, as in the
  quote from David, above. 
  Here is the text of my email formatting macros from
  _vimrc, in case anyone is interested, or wants to
  map <C-J> 61\|Bhr<cr>
  map <C-K> 0i> <esc>61\|Bhr<cr>
  map <C-S> :%s/> //g 

Jim Long  

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