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further random questions from the newly-unemployed

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From: "Jim Long" <jimlong at>

> David said:
> > I would NEVER send HTML formatted emails, for a job or
> > any other reason.  [snip]
>   One of the dangers of text format email is that long
>   lines get broken in different places by different email
>   servers or programs resulting in alternating long and
>   short lines -- unless you preformat the text with short
>   enough lines that no email server will break it into
>   shorter lines. [snip]

The biggest problem with text-formatted emails is that you can't predict
what font the recipient will use to read them. Since it's common for both OE
and Messenger to use Proportional fonts for text emails, the work of lining
things up is often lost at the receiving end. HTML, although a bandwidth hog
and inappropriate for posts to a reflector, is nonetheless useful for
assuring that a message is seen as the sender intended, and I use it for all
my email r)B?sum? submissions.



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