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further random questions from the newly-unemployed

   From: David Kramer <david at>
   Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 16:43:20 -0500

   Of course my resume attachment is in MSWord, but my cover letter
   also points to where on my website they can get the most recent
   format in MSWord, Text, and HTML, which I always keep in sync.

To what end?  Nobody's going to read your cover letter twice.
Certainly nobody's going to bother clicking through to your web site
even once.

   I know they're in sync because I use version numbers on my resume.
   The resume itself is usually read in a second step, and maybe even
   printed out for later perusal.  But only if the cover letter
   convinces them to do so.

Actually, as a hiring manager I'm more interested in the resume than
the cover letter.  The cover letter's useful for telling me what
somebody's interested in doing; beyond that I'm going to quickly scan
the resume to see if it's something I'm interested in (if I'm
interested, I'll do a phone screen; if not, I'll tell HR to drop it).

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