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Is there a Proxomitron clone for Linux?

ron.peterson at wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 08, 2003 at 01:04:56AM -0500, Bill Horne wrote:
>>I've had good results using The Proxomitron ad-blocker on my windoze box, 
>>and would like to get an equivalent filter for Linux.
>>Please pass along your opinions about how I can best eliminate pop-ups, 
>>animated GIF's, etc. All suggestions welcome.
> Mozilla allows to disable javascript from opening unrequested windows.

Mozilla (1.2 and later, anyway) also lets you disable animated GIFs. Go to Preferences / Privacy and Security / Images, and you can set animated GIFs to run once or never. There isn't any way to get rid of the stupid animated Flash ads other than removing the plugin, though. In the same screen, you can also disable loading of images in mail and newsgroup messages, which you may or may not like.

Other useful things to do:

Send a useless email address as your anonymous FTP password (Preferences / Advanced) - I set mine to "spam at".

Disable cookies in mail and newsgroups (Preferences / Privacy and Security / Cookies)

Disable JavaScript in mail and newsgroups (Preferences / Advanced / Scripts and Plugins) - the same screen where you can also set what JavaScript can and can't do. (I like to turn off "open unrequested windows", "move or resize existing windows", "raise or lower windows", and "hide the status bar" - that gets rid of most of the annoying things that scripts do to your browser, including disabling all the popup requests.)

Mozilla 1.3 also lets you set up spam filters in the mail program.

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