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Stuff for sale...

> Please supply more details: the Cisco website says some of these units are
> EOL'd, and I'd like to see of list of the card(s) installed in each, the
> software revision, and the software licenses available with each unit.

The LocalDirectors each have a 4-port Ethernet card. There are no cards with
the 5000 series, except the one with the Supervisor card. They are just the
mainframe and the power supply(s). Chris is still in the process of clearing
the stuff out, so there very well may be some to come.

As far as licensing, I'm not sure (there may be none). I'll let you know. I
only had time to get the basic info down yesterday (and Chris was out, so I
couldn't ask). Also, I'm not really a hardware guy except the servers &
filer (which I still have to find out if there is one to go with the
shelves), so alot of it is pretty blackbox to me.

As I said, however, anyone who wants to take a look, let me know and we'll
figure out a time. Space is a bit tight there, but we can probably clear
some space to setup to test the stuff.

If you have any specific questions, just ask. I'm sure we can find out some
of it from someone at the place that's clearing out the stuff.
Let me know,
Grant M.
P.S.> I'll be up in Waltham from noon to 2/3ish, so I'll respond when I get

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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