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colocation ?

I hate when people post problems to lists and the solution never gets

It looks like I'm going to be coloing with a friend.  It is unlikely
he would be interested in coloing people he doesn't know.
But the other options I've found, in descending order of my preference: DSL to my apartment - $90/mo + $18/mo minimum charge for
required phone line (I don't have one), minus $50/mo I already pay for home
internet access = $58/mo - 384kbits up (1.5mbit/s down).
Considering the convenience, this seems like the best option,
unfortunately.  Also consider that you need to add the cost of electricity
used to this price.  Not sure what that would be.  My guess is not more
than $5/mo.

I have two friends in this area who are clueful and getting a t1 to
their house soon, who may be interested in coloing other people in their
basement (for less than $100/mo, but don't provide UPS). - $50/mo (donation), california - real colo - hands &
eyes, UPS, generator, etc.  Sounds like plenty of bandwidth (they are
billed 95/5, not capped). - near Porter Square, $100/mo, 1 t1, UPS - 1.1mbit SDSL to his basement, $100/mo

Bob Keyes - never got back to me

Northeast Data Vault / ('s host) - never got back
to me

Just for reference, friends of mine sharing colo in the Philadelphia
area are looking at what works out to about $50/mo per person for about
4 people splitting a total of 384kbits/s (capped).  (Also not likely to
be interested in sharing with people they don't know)

"I don't want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance."
--George Balanchine
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