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[] Sharp Zaurus Deal Discovered!!!!!

I have to say that at this point, I am wondering which model it actually is 
that HSN is advertising.  It does not matter to me as either is 
satisfactory.  The price is unbeatable for either model.


>From: "Mark J. Dulcey" <mark at>
>To: Duane Morin <dmorin at>
>CC: Numberwhun ***** <numberwhun at>, discuss at
>Subject: Re: [] Sharp Zaurus Deal Discovered!!!!!
>Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 08:30:30 -0500
>Duane Morin wrote:
>>I would be seriously leery of that deal.  Note that it does not say that 
>>they're referring to the 5600 anyplace, and the one in the picture looks 
>>almost exactly like a 5500 with some sort of adapter on the bottom.  The 
>>only distinguishing feature that I could tell is when they kept saying 64M 
>>memory -- but you could argue that the original Zaurus had 64, too, it was 
>>just partitioned differently.
>>I think the 5600 runs significantly faster than the 5500, but there's no 
>>mention of that selling point on the page.
>So far as I can tell, the 5500 and the 5600 look exactly alike - the 
>changes are all internal. The 5600 has the new 400 MHz XScale processor in 
>place of the 206 MHz StrongARM in the 5500, so it should be about twice as 
>fast. You can't tell which model HSN is offering just by looking at the 
>On the other hand, $200 is a good price even for the older model, which is 
>probably what they're selling, helping to get them out of the channel in 
>anticipation of the 5600. No, it won't be as fast as the new one, but it's 
>a lot cheaper. For comparison, lists the 5500 at $400, and 
>the 5600 for preorders at $500. So if you want Linux to go, but the price 
>has been holding you off, this might be your toy.
>Other comments:
>The amount of memory isn't all that important, since the thing has CF and 
>SD memory slots. Flash memory is cheap; you can buy a 256MB CF card for $50 
>(after rebate) from Tiger right now. The 5500 specs claim 64MB SDRAM and 
>16MB flash ROM. The 5600 claims 32MB SDRAM and 64MB "protected flash".
>The "adapter" in the picture on HSN appears to be the docking cradle. They 
>show it with the keyboard closed.
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