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[] Sharp Zaurus Deal Discovered!!!!!

On Tue, 18 Mar 2003, David Kramer wrote:
> I don't see why you say that.  If you put an ext2 SD card in a Z, you can 
> install packages with "ipkg" to the SD card, and call "ipkg-link" to create 
> the symlinks for you.  

I don't have specific ones in mind, no (I stopped using my Z a few months 
ago for a variety of reasons).  I just recall that the majority of time I 
found a new app to try I would use the gui add/remove packages option, try 
to select SD, and almost always be told "An error occurred."  Maybe if I 
used the command line version coupled with ipkg-link I would have had 
better luck.

> a device that was slow but persistent vs fast but a reboot wipes it out, I 
> would usually go for slow but persistent.  Personal choice.

Having just turned my Z back on after a few months the other day I was 
disappointed to discover it had completely wiped itself.  But the SD card 
had not.  Luckily that's where I kept my backup files :).


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