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Text dump

| Anyone knows a simple way to dump the contents of a TclTK text widget to
| the screen or to a file?  I'am trying to construct a Notepad Like Editor
| with just
| View, Edit and Save option.

Here's a bit of code from one of my scripts.  It copies the  contents
of  the  text  widget  .abc.txt to the file $filename, with the usual
error message if the file can't be written for some reason:

    if [catch {open $filename w} f] {
        puts "$me: $filename $f"
    set l 1
    set e [.abc.txt index end]
    while {$l < $e} {
        set line [.abc.txt get $l.0 $l.end]
        puts $f $line
        incr l
    close $f

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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