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D-Link firewall with Linux

Sorry to hear that the linksys didn't work.  I've heard alot of complaints from friends about theirs, but mine runs fine, I'm very happy with it.  I want to replace it though, with something from, probably their LITE+, a little more expensive than a linksys or d-link, but its running linux and you can ssh into it and administer it =).

Maybe the lameserver errors are occuring because of the odd system time values.


On Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 08:31:35AM -0500, Rich Braun wrote:
> After years of running Linux as my firewall (reasonably happily, aside
> from an occasional crash caused by a defective tape drive), I decided
> to buy one of those cheapo firewall boxes.  Candidates were the
> Linksys BEFSX41 and the D-Link DI-604 (as per the current PC Magazine
> reviews).  The Linksys went back to Microcenter yesterday, after about
> 3 hours of service--it wouldn't stay up for more than an hour at a
> time, before going into a repeated software-reboot cycle.
> Bring on the D-Link.  It costs less and runs solid but I have an issue
> similar to one raised by someone last October (google for 'named
> di-604' in newsgroups).  My caching DNS server gets a whole lot of
> lame-server errors and timeouts when I set it up behind this NAT box.
> There isn't enough debugging capability in the router for me to figure
> this one out.  I'm running 2.18 firmware, which has one other odd bug:
> its system time reports wild values, whether NTP is turned on or not.
> The DNS errors did not happen with the Linksys, so I'm pretty sure
> it's not a problem in the Linux config.
> Has anyone experimented with these broadband-router firewall boxes?
> Oh, and lest anyone else get suckered in by Linksys' marketing hype:  their
> firewall firmware is available ONLY in the BEFSX41 unit.  Packaging for
> various other products hints that it's included but it isn't.
> -rich
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