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Domain Controllers

> Yes, this is something that Samba will do on Linux.
> There are a few restrictions, but in general Linux/Samba is a better
> choice to handle Microsoft's networking...

I'm going to disagree on this one.  As a domain controller, Samba is 
missing a lot of functionality.  It can act as a primary domain controller 
but not a secondary (in NT4-speak), nor can backup domain controllers sync 
with it as a primary.  Active Directory support is also non-existent (but 
something we can look forward to in Samba 3.0).  Samba is a nice solution 
if Windows desktops aren't a huge part of your network and you need a 
cheap alterrnative to spending $850 on Win2k or NT Server, but to say it's 
a better choice overall is a bit of a stretch in my book.  I will be 
looking forward to testing out 3.0 when it's finished.

Brian J. Conway
bconway at

"LINUX is obsolete"
     - Andrew S. Tanenbaum, creator of Minix - Jan 29, 1992

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