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stay socket


Actually the socket is in a ESTABLISHED state. And yes it's causing a
problem in that a remote server
program is sending messages to the wrong socket.  So there is data in the
recv-q (about 9k) but the
process that created the socket is no longer running.  I know what program
opened it and it is not running.

I tried using "netstat -p" to get the PID 'just to be save' but netstat
segfalted when using the -p option.

I have managed to kill the socket in a rather brute force method of pulling
the ethernet cable and cycling the network
sub-subsystem.  But it's not the appoach if this occures in the field.


Frank Ramsay
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Castel, Inc
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FRamsay at writes:

> I have a socket showing up on netstat for a process that is no longer
> running.  Is there any command line way to force this socket to close?
> (short of re-booting).

Very precisely speaking, what are you trying to accomplish by doing
this?  Is this actually causing a problem?

Let me guess:  this is a TCP socket in the TIME_WAIT state?

Kevin D. Clark / Cetacean Networks / Portsmouth, N.H. (USA)!kclark (GnuPG ID: B280F24E)!kdc

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