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A distribution bytes the dust!

On Tuesday 04 November 2003 06:40, Glenn Burkhardt wrote:
> Mandrake, anyone?  A little Debian, perhaps?  RedHat's going away...

This article it written by someone who is either woefully uninformed or 
willfully deceiving.

Much publicity and openness surrounded the whole merging of the Fedora 
Project with the Red Hat personal Linux.  While "Red Hat does not plan to 
release another product in the Red Hat Linux line", they will be working 
with Fedora to essentially rebrand their personal product as Fedora Linux.  

No quotes from Red Hat in this article contradict that.  In fact, they NEED 
to have a hand in a freely-distributed version of Linux, because that is 
essentially the beta release for their enterprise products.  They give it 
to Mikey, see if he likes it, and after it's mature they sell it for money.

Having said that, the personal edition is what matters to me, and clearly 
their commitment to it has greatly diminished.  If they're desupporting 
amost all releases within two months, and the last remaining one a few 
months after that, there's not much incentive to use it even if it's free, 
eh?  No more official updates and security patches?  No thanks.

Wait a minute.  Did I talk about this and forshadow it a few weeks ago on 
this very list?  Why, Yes!  Will I say "I told you so".  Most assuredly.

DK KD  An optimist thinks the glass is half full.
DKK D  A pessimist thinks a glass is half empty.
DK KD  The software engineer thinks the glass is twice as big
DDDD   as it needs to be.                         Colin Walls

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