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Novell Buys Suse was --- A distribution bytes the dust!

rrmalloy at wrote:

Terrible, terrible news.

First, Novell has a HORRIBLE track record with acquisitions. Look at 
what happened with WordPerfect and Unix Systems Laboratories. Then there 
was the failed Novell/Borland merger attempt and the various ties with 
Corel; not much success there, either.

Second, this makes SuSE a US company. That probably means that the 
distribution will have to adhere to US rules.

But it also makes the SCO fight that much more intramural. Novell, 
remember, is the former owner of Unix Systems Laboratories (makers of 
UnixWare), and Caldera (now SCO) is a Novell spinoff. So this means that 
they have past ties to BOTH parents of the current SCO. That could get 

Meanwhile, maybe it's time to have a closer look at Gentoo...

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