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Novell Buys Suse was --- A distribution bytes the dust!


I change very slowly.  I still mostly use thing I learned under the
age of 10: reading, writing, and arithmatic.  The only new worthwhile
things since that age are sex and drinking.  In choosing computers, I
want them to reflect my pace of growth, call it full of history or
sloth.  I learned Unix commands in the early eighties, and used emacs
back then.  I am typing this email in emacs right now and it will get
filed away by mh, keeping the same file structure as most other files
under my home directory.  I did spend time working with graphics on
Macs, and of course with Windows because it could not be avoided, but
I don't want to relearn machines, different words/actions to get the
same thing done.

I feel the same way about distributions.  I don't want to relearn
things.  I want a system that I think will be around in a decade.
I have to bet on Novell/Suse, Enterprise Linux, or open source
Debian.  I think the open source distribution will have the longest
life, and it is my distribution of choice.  For me, installation is a
rare event.  It is maintainence that is the big cost.  The way apt-get
deals with dependencies is what seals it for me.


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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