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Novell Buys Suse was --- A distribution bytes the dust!

Well, we've got a whole lot of under-employed and unemployed Linux geeks here
in Massachusetts.  What would the economics of a "Boston Community Linux"
distro be, if we recruited a bunch of us to build a distribution, support it
with a QA lab, and operate email-only tech support?  Could we find a sponsor
to set up the lab?

Or is it truly impossible to break-even supporting software at all these days?

Seems like a pretty good opportunity for a new startup.  Millions of folks
would pay at least a token amount to avoid Red Hat monthly fees and/or stay
out from under the likes of Novell.

Personally, I'm content to just compile everything from scratch--am not really
a big fan of distros anyway.  But I'm quirky that way--starting out with Linux
in '92, there were no stinkin' distros.  In order for Linux to keep growing,
it has to be nicely packaged and kept up to date.  Dozens of new apps come out
every year.


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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