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Server rebuild update

OK.  Friday night I was up til 4AM.  Tonight I'm calling it quits at 3:30.

I ended up switching to uw-imap, and even that was a bit of a struggle, mostly 
due to insufficient documentation.  Yes, they mention somewhere in a readme 
file somewhere that you have to use a secure connection now; plain text 
passwords are not allowed unencrypted over the wire.  No, they do not tell 
you how to set up the phony cert, etc.  Extensive STFW turned up the answer 
eventually.  Now I have IMAP, and kmail/pine both work, as best as they can 
with uw-imap.

DSR mentioned Courier IMAP.  Definitely going to check that out.  In fact, I 
*want* to move to maildirs, so I can grep -l for messages, etc.  But I needed 
something to just work for now.  Another few weeks I'll investigate that.

Still need the .forward to get procmail to run; but that bandaid should hold 
until the current crises are over.

I figured out the secret handshake to copy all of my mailman lists over.  Some 
of the paths have changed, but I straightened that out.

However, I can't get postfix to accept mail for my other domain names.  I have 
all the domain names listed in under "mydestination", but I get Relay 
access denied when I try to send mail to david at

A little more STFW turned up this page:
which points to this page:

The goal I want is that anyuser at gets sent to 
anyuser at (or, phrased differentlu, anyuser at 
gets sent to the local user anyuser).  I do not want to set up a list of 
users, I want it to just say a user coming in under any domain name I host 
all goes to that local user.

However, the format of the config files they outline don't seem to match my 
needs.  It seems to be geared to matching a single specific user on one 
domain to somewhere else.  Does anyone else know how to do this?  I think I'm 
getting some of the "virtual" terminology confused.

I'm also having problems with the X display.  I'm getting this jiggly black 
line on the top of the screen, and the GUI tools are not letting me change 
the frequency.  This is a VERY LOW priority that I will learn to fix by hand 
some day.

Lots of other battles to be documented in future emails.

Lastly, public apology to GAF.  It was 3AM and I was fried and frustrated.

DDDD   David Kramer                 
DKK D  "Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in
DK KD  their shoes.  That way, when you criticize them, you're a
DDDD   mile away and you have their shoes."              Jack Handy

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