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Server rebuild update

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On Sun, 9 Nov 2003 03:44:23 -0500
David Kramer <david at> wrote:

> OK.  Friday night I was up til 4AM.  Tonight I'm calling it quits at
> 3:30.
> I ended up switching to uw-imap, and even that was a bit of a
> struggle, mostly due to insufficient documentation.  Yes, they mention
> somewhere in a readme file somewhere that you have to use a secure
> connection now; plain text passwords are not allowed unencrypted over
> the wire.  No, they do not tell you how to set up the phony cert, etc.
>  Extensive STFW turned up the answer 
> eventually.  Now I have IMAP, and kmail/pine both work, as best as
> they can with uw-imap.
> DSR mentioned Courier IMAP.  Definitely going to check that out.  In
> fact, I *want* to move to maildirs, so I can grep -l for messages,
> etc.  But I needed something to just work for now.  Another few weeks
> I'll investigate that.
> Still need the .forward to get procmail to run; but that bandaid
> should hold until the current crises are over.
> I figured out the secret handshake to copy all of my mailman lists
> over.  Some of the paths have changed, but I straightened that out.
> However, I can't get postfix to accept mail for my other domain names.
>  I have 
> all the domain names listed in under "mydestination", but I
> get Relay access denied when I try to send mail to
> david at
> A little more STFW turned up this page: 
> which points to this page:
> The goal I want is that anyuser at gets sent to 
> anyuser at (or, phrased differentlu,
> anyuser at gets sent to the local user anyuser).  I do
> not want to set up a list of users, I want it to just say a user
> coming in under any domain name I host all goes to that local user.
> However, the format of the config files they outline don't seem to
> match my needs.  It seems to be geared to matching a single specific
> user on one domain to somewhere else.  Does anyone else know how to do
> this?  I think I'm getting some of the "virtual" terminology confused.
> I'm also having problems with the X display.  I'm getting this jiggly
> black line on the top of the screen, and the GUI tools are not letting
> me change the frequency.  This is a VERY LOW priority that I will
> learn to fix by hand some day.
> Lots of other battles to be documented in future emails.
> Lastly, public apology to GAF.  It was 3AM and I was fried and
> frustrated.

No need to apologize. I've been there, done that....

When I upgraded my desktop last year, I was not able to get postfix to
enable procmail, and I had a few other issues. So, instead I installed

Also, I set up some of the virtual domains on Asgard, which uses
postfix. For some of the domains where I want a catch all account, I set
@domain		target

Example:	david at

I think that the target but eventually resolve to a real address. 

I have this set up in /etc/postfix/virtual.db.

Also take a look at the table in /etc/postfix/

And, please look at it while your mind is fresh, not at 3AM. 

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Jerry Feldman <gaf at>
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