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Server rebuild update

On Sunday 09 November 2003 8:35 am, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> On Sun, 9 Nov 2003 03:44:23 -0500
> David Kramer <david at> wrote:
> When I upgraded my desktop last year, I was not able to get postfix to
> enable procmail, and I had a few other issues. So, instead I installed
> sendmail.

Looking more and more like an option.  I would like to get postfix happening 
instead of sendmail, but I'm only willing to beat my head against the server 
for so long to make that happen.  I do still want to try Courier IMAP since I 
have specific serious issues with uw-imap, but since I now have uw-imap 
working, that can wait until I stop seeing the pretty colors around me from 
the sleep deprivation.

> Also, I set up some of the virtual domains on Asgard, which uses
> postfix. For some of the domains where I want a catch all account, I set
> up:
> @domain		target
> Example:
>	david at

Yup, but what I'm trying to do is either treat ALL addresses 
as the same thing as, or pipe 
mymailinglist at       | mailman yada yada

> I think that the target but eventually resolve to a real address.

Therein lies  the reason my problem is so hard.

> I have this set up in /etc/postfix/virtual.db.
> Also take a look at the table in /etc/postfix/

I looked at those, but again, that's a slightly different (and eaiser) 
problem, since you're just mapping them to local users.

> And, please look at it while your mind is fresh, not at 3AM.

The problem is that I can't even START working on this stuff till the kid is 
asleep and primary chores are done, around 10:00pm.

DDDD   David Kramer         
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DKK D  A:   From my experience.
DK KD  Q:   Where did you get your experience?
DDDD   A:   From my poor judgment

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