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Backup issues

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I back up my wife's Windows system every night using rsync over SMBFS. 
Lately, I am getting messages such as:
readlink WINDOWS/FONTS/TT0084M_.TTF: Too many open files in system

This has only started to occur. I am using rsync version 2.5.6 with
protocol version 26. I am using samba 2.2.7a-72 and a 2.4.20 kernel. 

I'm not sure at this point if the open files limit is the Linux limit of
1024 or a limit on the Windows system or SMBFS. 

My thoughts are at this point is some issue with rsync either
paralleling itself or not closing files after copy in some

My option on the command are:
rsync -auv --exclude-from=exclude_file --delete-excluded
/windoz/wifecdrive /backup/wifecdrive

I have a lot of excluded files (such as cache, temp, Windows swap). 

BTW: The reason I use rsync is that a tar file would be huge. I ran into
that where it got so large that stat failed, and I had difficulty
deleting it. Also, a large tar file would be difficult to restore a
single file. 

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