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DNS went haywire yesterday?

> How do other applications besides apache and dig work? telnet or ssh for
> instance?

Haven't noticed  a delay in sshd, not sure if it tries to do an inaddr lookup.
 But there is one other app which displays the symptom, now that you mention
it:  'netstat -a'.  It hangs when it tries to do the inaddr for my
Comcast-assigned IP address.

Ding!  Thanks for helping me diagnose.  Same delay occurs when I try to query
that address from other servers.  Something's wedged at Comcast, their inaddr
service for my system (and probably everyone else in town) C is hosed.

Maybe someday they'll fix it.  ;-)  Wonder how I'd even go about reporting
this problem?

Perhaps if some of y'all Comcast users would help me gang up on them.  Try
nslookup or dig of your own dynamic IP and see if it sits there hanging for
10+ seconds.  At the moment, mine returns NXDOMAIN (as opposed to
<foo> like it used to) after a server timeout.

> You should check your /etc/nsswitch.conf file. ... If you have NIS in
> there then that could be a problem.

Just files and dns.


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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