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Sun's Java Desktop System

On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 09:35:49AM -0500, eric wrote:
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> hi.  we've been yapping quite a bit lately about various distros,
> anybody try out sun's linux "java" desktop?  it's not officially out yet
> but maybe somebody got to play with it?
> what about the claim to be the #1 desktop linux distro thanks to the
> china deal?
> i'm no businessman, just like to play pc games, but doesn't it seem
> strange that redhat is taking a step back from the desktop when it seems
> a couple of others are making moves to get into the business desktop?
> the description of the java desktop and screen shot seems cool...  i
> don't know if i trust sun...

Sun seems to be trying with "Java" what Microsoft tried (and abandoned)
with ".NET" - slapping the brand on everything they touch. Now, I'm
a Java guy and happy to see a system in which Java is an important
component... but putting the label on a Linux distro is kinda silly.


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