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RedHat Enterprise Linux

On Mon, 17 Nov 2003, bill.horne wrote:

> Let me be the first to say it: this is sad. I've seen reports that RH is
> charging "onerous" per-seat licensing fees for "their" operating system,
> and I can't help but think they've stooped to using Fear, Uncertainty,
> and Doubt to extract money from corporations that don't know any better.
> I withdraw my suggestion. With due credit to the Beauregard Parish
> Library, it's a faustian quest to try and build a distro where the GPL
> licensee doesn't obey the license. Since (as has already been posted)
> others with more knowledge than I are switched to Debian, I'm going to
> follow suit.

If you object to what Redhat is doing, you can always make it harder for 
them.  I think that less people would willing to pay the enterprise 
version pricing if a freely available version of it was available.

White Box (or another rebuild of RHEL) gives back an option to people who 
prefer to use Redhat, but need long term support and cannot afford the 
prices that redhat is offering.

Until I find another distribution that provides a nice easy method of 
network installing like kickstart, I think White Box is going to work out 
great for me.


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