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Hardware, what to do with extra?

On Monday 24 November 2003 10:32, Brendan wrote:

> 3 x quad Pentium one 3 foot tall, SCSI servers (packed full of mega amounts
>  of RAM for its day 256 x 512MB, I think),
> 1 x 3 foot tall file server stuffed with SCSI disks, and piles of cables
> for it,

You need to come up with two prices for this stuff: a "friends and family and 
unemployed people in need" price and a "strangers" price.  Cuz lots of people 
could use hardware like that, right here on this list (yo).

> DLT drive,

Worth some money, but worth a lot of karma for a sophisticated home user too.

> a few dozen Linux-tested modems and sound cards,
> two 200MHz or so PCs,
> DVD-ROM drive and CDRW-DVD drive,

These would be great to drag down to the next installfest

> two routers,
> two cable modems,

Not sure of the value
> 3 Powermacs (newer style with 64MB+ RAM),

Lots of interest in this.  Seriously, think about how much money you want for 

> 21 inch monitor (IBM P202)...
Still good resale value there.

Can you wait until the MIT Flea in April?  That would be the best place to 
sell this stuff.  I sold over $150 of stuff in October.

> So, should I sell this stuff, give it away, blow it up, throw it under a
>  train or recycle it? A tax write-off and/or selling this for cash would be
> great, but I will consider alternatives.

Schools etc won't be able to use the multiprocessor boxen, but us Linux users 
can.  Maybe the monitor though.

> My little fantasy is to give it to some kernel hackers (they provide the
> transportation) who will make the kernel run 20x faster on quad proc
> systems because of their new testing ground. Eh, it's a fantasy.

Wonder where Alan Cox lives....
How about ?
Or ?
DDDD   David Kramer         david at
DKK D  "It goes without saying that you should never have more
DK KD  children than you have car windows."
DDDD                                                            Erma Bombeck

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