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Hardware, what to do with extra?


I have a problem, and it's "too much hardware". The holidays are coming up
 and I need to clear some space in my breakfast nook (currently occupied by
 about 400 lbs of metal servers) so I can put a high counter and tall stools
 in there.

Where would I sell or give away server-style stuff to BLU people? I don't want 
to flood the list with crud (which I am partly doing right now), and 
searching for a place came up with nothing. Craig's list seems a tad too 
non-technical for this load of stuff I have, and I wouldn't mind a few 

Without further ado, here is a small list of the stuff I have piled up:

3 x quad Pentium one 3 foot tall, SCSI servers (packed full of mega amounts
 of RAM for its day 256 x 512MB, I think),
1 x 3 foot tall file server stuffed with SCSI disks, and piles of cables for
DLT drive,
a few dozen Linux-tested modems and sound cards,
two routers,
two cable modems,
two 200MHz or so PCs,
3 Powermacs (newer style with 64MB+ RAM),
DVD-ROM drive and CDRW-DVD drive,
21 inch monitor (IBM P202)...

So, should I sell this stuff, give it away, blow it up, throw it under a
 train or recycle it? A tax write-off and/or selling this for cash would be 
great, but I will consider alternatives.
My little fantasy is to give it to some kernel hackers (they provide the
transportation) who will make the kernel run 20x faster on quad proc systems
because of their new testing ground. Eh, it's a fantasy.

Let me know what you think,

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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