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Hardware, what to do with extra?

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Brendan wrote:

> Where would I sell or give away server-style stuff to BLU people? I
> don't want to flood the list with crud (which I am partly doing right
> now), and searching for a place came up with nothing. Craig's list seems
> a tad too non-technical for this load of stuff I have, and I wouldn't
> mind a few opinions.

Well, I like the Craigslist ads, and have used the site to buy my last
three computers, but YMMV.

The Greater Boston Reuse list is also pretty good:

    GreaterBoston-reuse is a resource for folks exchanging free items
    within the Boston metro area. (This list owes a conceptual debt to
    the "reuse" mailing list at MIT, which is officially restricted to
    current affiliates of that institution.)

    If you have stuff to clear out of your house or apartment, or you
    scrounged a great find at the town transfer station but you can't
    figure out what to do with it, or you notice something cool at
    curbside which you don't want to go to waste -- let the list know.
    The idea is to find reuseable items the best possible homes.


(Further info is at <>.)

The list is pretty quiet -- people tend to post an item up for grabs, and
responses almost always happen off-list -- but there's a steady stream of
traffic, and interesting things come up from time to time. I got a barely
used Sun monitor via gb-reuse from someone at MIT a few months ago, and
similar hardware also comes up from time to time.

Something BLU-centric might be nice, but making a pre-existing resource
better by pooling with it might be better still.

Then again, more people claiming things might make the resource
frustrating, but that doesn't seem like a bad problem to have :)

Chris Devers

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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