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IMAP problems with SuSE 9.0

On Monday 02 February 2004 2:10 pm, Mark J. Dulcey wrote:
> I remember that Dave Kramer talked about this a while ago, and some people
> came in with suggestions... what turned out to be the answer to get IMAP
> to work properly? (Basically, the problem is that the imapd distributed
> with 9.0 only accepts SSL connections, and the squirrelmail that comes
> with 9.0 doesn't support SSL, so the two don't play together. In addition,
> I haven't been able to get the SSL to play with Mozilla at all.)


This is the most sore point with SuSE 9.0 for me.  uw-imap has the above 
limitation.  Squirrelmail won't work with it.  My wife's Outlook won't work 
with it.  Evolution won't work with it.  The only clients I can get working 
with it are KMail, pine, and Netscape Mail under Windows for my wife (which 
she hates).  

I was never able to get courier or cyrus working with it either.  There were 
some other biggies, but the fact that I could not get an IMAP server working 
(and few would classify me as a newbie) frustrates my wife and myself to this 

DDDD   David Kramer         david at
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                                                  - Louis Aragon (1897-1982)

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