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safe encrypting process?

On Monday 02 February 2004 7:36 pm, Steve wrote:
> I'd like to encrypt some info that could later be searched, but I'm
> trying to figure out an optimal/safe way to go about doing it.

> And then I could script this so I wouldn't have to bother with typing in
> everything. But I'm curious about the weaknesses of using such a method
> for encrypted information. In particular, any sort of temporary files
> which would have stuff during the plaintext post-decryption process (tmp
> file from joe, for example). Is there a simpler, better way of going
> about this?

The temp files are what's going to kill you.

What I would do is move the workflow to lisp scripts for emacs.  You type in 
your stuff, execute the emacs command to encrypt it, and save.  To edit or 
read it, open it up in emacs and execure the emacs command to decrypt it. 

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