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Handling email bounces

(Forgot to include list address, sorry.)

Jeff Kinz wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 01:14:34PM -0500, Drew Taylor wrote:
>>We send automated emails via a web-based back-office application and 
>>would like a better way to handle bounced emails. Originally we had the 
>>simple To:, From: headers with the From: being set to the person who 
>>sent the email. Recently we changed the From: address to be an alias 
>>that I'm copied on. But that breaks the old behavior of allowing the 
>>recipient to reply to the original person.
>>So now I'm looking for the "right" way to do it. Is there something like 
>>an X-Bounce: header I can add, or is there another recommended way? I'm 
>>about to dive into the SMTP RFC but pointers are appreciated.
> Simplistic but, how about bcc'ing it to yourself?

I don't want to be bothered w/ every email that is sent. Just the ones
that have a problem.

And I neglected a few details that make it relevant to this list: web
app runs on apache 1.3.x w/ mod_perl 1.x on an ancient Red Hat distribution.

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