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Help finding device...

On Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 09:21:25PM -0500, Scott Ehrlich wrote:
> Turns out it was the Window manager (KDE, among others) which present a
> pre-screen of services starting.  One of those services was attacking the
> audio device.

That's what I figured, but this might not be undesireable.  It was
probably artsd, which is a sound daemon to let multiple applications
use the sound device at the same time.  This might be considered a
good thing...  For example, you can play OGG files, and still have the
system event sounds play.  Many people regard this as a good thing.

The trick is, you need to make all your sound applications go through
artsd...  XMMS, for example, comes with an artsd plugin to enable that
kind of behavior.  But you need to configure it in the options menu.

> I've since switched to fvwm95, no services to get in the way of the audio,
> and all is now working fine.

This is also a solution.  But if you like KDE, or if you have an
interest in the above, it may not be the best one.

> Thanks for the good testing steps.   I'll hold onto them.  I've also
> learned a lot about the difference beteween lspci and dmesg.

No problem.  ;-)

Derek D. Martin
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