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Installfest has been /.'d

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From: "Johannes Ullrich" <jullrich at>

> > > the room big enough? do we have enough donuts?
> > Donuts? We don't need no stinking donuts! This is a high crass crowd!
> If there are donuts, I may come and volunteer ;-).
> is there a signup page for volunteers? Or is it just "come and bring the
> distro of your choice" ?


We've had some discussions about deciding on a "standard" distro for
installfests, but I don't think we decided on one.

I'd like to limit it to two or three: it used to be RedHat and Suse by
default, but now RedHat is out, so I invite debate over
whether we'll push a "standard" distro or not, and if so, which one.

I also feel we should have a "standard" evaluation procedure for each
incoming PC, with a form used to "triage" the boxen and make recommendations
to the other volunteers. At a minimum, I vote we examing spare disk space,
processor speed, the pressence (or, hopefully, absence) of Winmodems &c, and
the time it'll take to accomplish the install. In the past, I've made
mistakes where I underestimated the time it'd take to move partitions, so I
think we need this as a way to get a consensus on what is, or is not,
practical for each machine. It would also help to give the users an estimate
of the time needed and the possible pitfalls.


Bill Horne
P.S. I'll be there.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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