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Installfest has been /.'d

On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 09:20:40PM -0500, Bill Horne wrote:
> > is there a signup page for volunteers? Or is it just "come and bring the
> > distro of your choice" ?
> Johannes,
> We've had some discussions about deciding on a "standard" distro for
> installfests, but I don't think we decided on one.
> I'd like to limit it to two or three: it used to be RedHat and Suse by
> default, but now RedHat is out, so I invite debate over
> whether we'll push a "standard" distro or not, and if so, which one.

It seems ironic that these installfests take place on the very campus
where the GNU project and the FSF came to be, yet their "home team"
distro should not be on the list.  I have no great love for debian
personally, but many people do, and it's sort of relevant to MIT...

Of course, I'm half-way across the world, and extremely unlikely to
attend, so I guess my opinion doesn't count for much...  ;-)

Derek D. Martin
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