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security through obscurity

John Chambers wrote:
> Not necessarily.  Consider the  recent  stories  about  the
> supposed DoS attack on SCO.  Ignore for now the question of
> whether this attack actually happened.
> The SCO people publicly blamed linux  supporters,  and  the
> media widely reported this as a fact. They casually ignored
> the obvious explanation  that  such  code  is  most  likely
> written  by  an experienced Windows programmer, not a linux
> programmer.  The media didn't bother asking  for  evidence,
> they just repeated the slander.
> The PR success of this explanation implies  that  the  same
> approach  will be used in the future.  So we can expect the
> linux crowd to be blamed for any such torrent of worms  and
> viruses.

Given SCO's tactics, it would be consistent for them to have 
commissioned it themselves!

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