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AMD 64 motherboard recommendation

One of my biggest complaints of AMD based motherboards of late is the
lack of support for ECC memory.  If I'm putting >2GB in a box, I'd prefer
to spend a little overhead for a big peace of mind.

That said, I am also desiring the one ring .... err, I meant a AMD64 system ;-)
No particular reason, just because....

Which AMD64 are you considering?  If I understand it, the high end version
(opteron?) has the integrated memory controller, where as the lower end
consumer version does not?

Who knows the layman's details? 

Johannes Ullrich wrote:
> Well, its time for me again to look at a new desktop system. It has been
> a while since I got my last one (PIII 800 MHz).
> I am playing with the idea of getting an AMD64 based system. I am
> "justifying" it as I intent to run some larger DB work on it locally.
> (ok. its for bragging right).
> anyway... Has anyone build a system around an AMD64
> and is willing to share experiences? Linux will be the
> only OS installed on it. 
> My main concern is the motherboard. There are too many choices and its
> not clear whats well supported in Linux and what isn't. In particular:
> are the various included subsystems (USB, firewire, LAN) supported.
> I am open to various distributions, and I am usually compiling custom
> kernels anyway. Contenders for the base distro are Suse 9 (AMD64) and
> Fedora Core 2.
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