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AMD 64 motherboard recommendation

> Which AMD64 are you considering?  

the AMD64 3200... 3400 and FX are too expensive, and Opteron seems to be
more targeted to the server market.

Some of the differences from AMD material.

AMD 64:
  3.2 GBit/sec  memory bandwidth

  6.4 GBit/sec memory bandwidth

  up to 19.2 GB/sec total bandwidth / CPU (using 3 links)
  6.4 GBit/sec memory bandwidth
  Opteron's are usually labeled with a three digit number.
  The first digit indicates how many CPUs of this type
  can be used in an SMP system.
  Opteron 1xx -> single CPU
  Opteron 2xx -> dual CPU
  (up to 8 way)

interestingly, a 2 GHz Opteron costs about $300, a 2 GHz
AMD64 about $270 and an AMD64FX (2.2 GHz) sells for $750.
So it looks like the 'FX' is priced very high given that
it seems to be very similar to an Opteron 1xx (didn't 
find a price for a 2.2 Opteron 1xx... maybe they don't 


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