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Sun, Microsoft Pact Viewed As 'Unholy Alliance' Against Linux,

On Tue, 2004-04-06 at 13:36, Brendan wrote:
> I think you may have it reversed. SO is built from the OO source, not the 
> other way around. There are no true restrictions that Sun can put on OO, 
> except to withdraw resources from working on Open-source components (100% of 
> OO, and 99% of SO), and switch to a different license for modules that fit 
> into OO. 

Unfortunately, OpenOffice is still highly dependent on Sun for
programming and support resources. Despite being widely used by the open
soruce community and a key selling point for a lot of distributions,
OpenOffice has not been able to attract much developer support for the
guts of the application for whatever reasons. Given Sun's deteriorating
business conditions, this dependence could be a setback for OO if the
community does not become more involved and Sun has a change of heart.

A fear of mine has been that as open source becomes more popular, the
mooch factor of thinking that 'somebody else will do it' becomes
dangerously large. Somebody else will code, somebody else will pay,
somebody else will document, etc. Like a crowd of people walking by
somebody in need of help thinking that surely somebody else will do
something as they walk by.


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