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Sun, Microsoft Pact Viewed As 'Unholy Alliance' Against Linux,

On Tuesday 06 April 2004 22:11, Steve wrote:
> A fear of mine has been that as open source becomes more popular, the
> mooch factor of thinking that 'somebody else will do it' becomes
> dangerously large. Somebody else will code, somebody else will pay,

I guess you would have to establish what that threshold is. I don't think 
we'll ever reach that point, because the community will always be growing as 
the tools become more powerful, the documentation better, and the barriers to 
entry get lessened. I do believe that the commercial community may reach that 
point with smaller companies depending entirely on OSS, but the larger 
companies will get it, and add to the community. In any case, let's juimp off 
that bridge when we come to it. Be mindful of the present, young padawan.


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