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Forgotten root password

John Abreau said on 4/11/2004 12:22 AM:

> On Sat, 2004-04-10 at 00:19, Drew Taylor wrote:
>>Now, to find a quiet hard disk to replace the very noisy (but 
>>functioning) 3x4GB Seagate SCSI disks. I added an IDE controller a while 
>>back for good measure too.
> I particularly like the Acard scsi/ide bridge: 

Ah yes, I remember the discussion. What is the difference between the 
product you linked and the AEC-7720UW? The 7720UW appears that it 
attaches between the IDE and SCSI connectors, while the 200fw appears to 
be mounted to the bottom of the drive. There is only $10 difference 
between the two so if one is better I'd rather get it.

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