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Not to start the topic I swear just need to vent!

> I really don't want to start the topic of outsourcing again, however,
> I was wondering if you personally have had experience with technical
> support that was less than adequate?  I have been on the phone with
> tech support for Earthlink for hours talking to numerous people in
> the Philippines that I would say was much much less than adequate.  I
> have had problems with this when calling Dell and when calling HP.
> It is terrible when I have to explain things that a typical tech
> support person should know.  I had a guy who was in Panama from Dell
> tell me he could not understand what I was saying, and I wasn't upset
> at that time so I was speaking clearly and coherently.
> Again, just wondering if you have had these types of problems nothing
> to do with IF it is correct or not!  I personally think that
> customer\technical support is very important we are a very small
> company therefore I rely quite a bit on our warranties with Dell and
> HP I don't have a hardware guy here 24 x7 but when a hard drive is
> dead I also don't want to be on the phone for an hour running
> diagnostics to prove it!
> Thanks and thank you for allowing me to vent.
> Michael.

I get it from the other side.  I work in a US-based tech support department.
I field questions from off-shore developers that don't speak English clearly
and don't seem to think too clearly either.  Add to that the fact that
they're contracting or subcontracting for people who aren't willing to fully
train them in the product upon which they're developing, and it is a real
problem for us.  Not to mention the significant delay due to time


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